Commercial Collection

We provide commercial garbage collection up to 6 days a week. Container sizes for commercial collection include 20, 35 and 64 gallon carts as well as 1 and 2 cubic yard bins for rear load collection. Service can be tailored to our commercial customer’s specific needs with any number and combination of container sizes as well as collection from 1 to 6 times per week (excluding Sundays). The following monthly rates for commercial service reflect 1 pickup per week. To determine the monthly rate for additional weekly pickups, simply multiply the rate by the number of pickups you require weekly.

Garbage Toters


*Please note that Green Waste and Recycling toter pick-up is included with all 3 service options and part of your monthly garbage rate.

2018 Commercial Rates

Container Rate IWM Rental Total
1 Yard $45.01 $21.21 $32.11 $319.06
2 Yard $90.02 $42.42 $48.00 $621.91
Commercial Cans
1 20 gallon $23.59 $11.95 $0.00 $35.54
1 35 gallon $34.08 $13.06 $0.00 $47.14
1 64 gallon $69.01 $25.60 $0.00 $94.61
Green Waste
1 35 gallon $28.00 $0.00 $0.00 $28.00
1 64 gallon $54.00 $0.00 $0.00 $54.00
1 yard $90.01 $21.21 $0.00 $111.22

Commercial Recycling and Green Waste

Effective July 1, 2012, all commercial and multi-family dwellings (MFDs) producing more than 4 cubic yards of garbage per week must recycle under California State Law AB 341. If your business or MFD produces 4 or more cubic yards of garbage, you must recycle appropriate materials. Recycling services through the City of El Cerrito are already included in your garbage rates.

Commercial Green waste collection is now available to assist commercial and MFD customers to meet the mandated commercial recycling requirements. Contact us for a consultation on how to take advantage of this service.

In order to ease this transition, the City of El Cerrito is offering free recycling consultation to interested businesses and MFDs. Please contact us at or 510.215.4350 to set up a free consultation, verify your business’ or MFD’s requirements, or to set-up recycling services.