The policy of Bay View Refuse & Recycling Service is to render the best possible service to its patrons.


Billing is every 4 months (Jan, May, and Sept) for residential accounts. Bills for service are due and payable three and one-half (3 ½) months after mailing. Service is subject to discontinuance without further notice if not paid. If service is discontinued, a charge will be made for any call before your regular garbage pick-up day. No credit will be given for service stopped due to delinquent payments and a $20 late fee will be added to your account. Our company shall not be responsible for money paid to collectors.


Bay View Refuse & Recycling services 20 gal, 32 gal, 40 gal, and 45 gal residential garbage cans weekly. You must only put out the size of can that you have signed up for. All size cans must not exceed 60lbs. Household garbage, recycling, and green waste cans need to be set out by 6:00am on your service day. Watertight cans with suitable handles and snug fitting lids must be used. In multiple dwellings, where more than one garbage can is used each can must be plainly marked with the house and unit/apt. number. Please do not dispose of liquids, ashes, concrete, bricks, plaster, dirt or similar materials in can. NO HAZARDOUS WASTE INCLUDING PAINT, OIL CANS, MEDICAL WASTE, ETC

Recycling and Green Waste cans must be placed at the curb before 6:00 am. Recycling service is weekly. PLEASE NOTE:  Green Waste Service is twice a month only. Schedules will be included in our regular tri-yearly billing. Our Annual Free clean-up is once per year in September.

We shall not be held responsible for articles placed in or near receptacles, loose dogs, and gates in need of repair.

Missed Cans & Extra Services

Please alert customer service within 24 hours if your garbage, recycling or green waste service is missed or a return trip fee may apply. Extra charges may apply if carts or bins are overflowing. If a resident would like extra garbage to be taken, at a reasonable charge, please call our office before to schedule.


The only holidays the drivers take off are Christmas and New Years.  If your cans are not serviced on their regular day, service shall be one day late.

Stop Service/Move Out

It is the property resident or owner’s responsibility to call our office to stop or transfer service in advance of moving out. The customer and owner are responsible for payment related to services and extras provided up until cancellation notice is given to Bay View Refuse & Recycling Service.


A credit will be given for service stopped for 4 weeks or more and a $25 administrative fee will be charged.  Please remember that green waste will not be taken during your service interruption!


Please report any skips, discourtesy, spilling of garbage, recycling, green waste, excessive noise, misuse of cans, etc. to our office at once (510) 237-4614.

Additional Information

For any additional information please call Bay View Refuse & Recycling Service at (510) 237-4614 or the Kensington General Manager at (510) 526-4143