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RECYCLING IS CHANGING, which means changes for us.

What you can do to help?
Take personal responsibility-keep trash out of your recycling can.
• Put materials in the right containers, no garbage in recycling can.
• Use cans up to 32 gal. with a lid for your recycling.
• Place recyclables LOOSE in the recycling can.
• Plastic bags/thin films must be placed in a large clear plastic bag and
tied off.
• Put food solid paper (napkins/paper food boxes) in the trash.
• Wipe or scrape food residue out of containers.
• Keep recycled containers, paper and plastic Empty, clean and if
possible, dry.

Rules for Cardboard Recycling: In order for our drivers to efficiently pick
up your cardboard boxes we ask, PLEASE break down and tie or tape
together in manageable bundles. Place at the curb next to recycling


ACCEPTABLE MATERIAL: Christmas trees, grass, lawn
clippings, shrubs, plants, weeds, small branches and other
forms of organic materials generated from your landscape or
garden. Place in garbage cans, paper lawn bags or small tarp.

Please No: Food waste, bamboo, palm leaves, poison ivy, plastic
bags, pet waste, hot ashes or briquettes, dirt, rock, sand, plastic,
metal or painted or treated wood.


Jan 13th thru 17th
Jan 27th thru 31st

Feb 10th thru 14th
Feb 24th thru 28th

Mar 9th thru 13th
Mar 23rd thru 27th

Apr 13th thru 17th
Apr 27th-May 1st

May 11th thru 15th
May 25th thru 29th

Jun 8th thru 12th
Jun 22nd thru 26th

Jul 13th thru 17th
Jul 27th thru 31st

Aug 10th thru 14th
Aug 24th thru 28th

Sep 14th thru 18th
Sep 28th thru 10/2

Oct 12th thru 16th
Oct 26th thru 30th

Nov 9th thru 13th
Nov 23rd thru 27th

Dec 14th thru 18th
Dec 28th thru Jan 2nd (Jan 1 one day late)