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Kensington’s current green waste collection program will be expanded to cover all organic material including food waste with green waste, which will now be collected WEEKLY (there is no change to the amount of green waste you may place out for collection). Bay View Refuse is providing these carts to all residents, for the standardized color collection system requirement of SB 1383. Carts have been arriving and we expect to be delivering to residents in mid-January. Additional information will be provided with the cart delivery. There will be no changes to collection procedures by Bay View Refuse.

Customers may continue to place containers in their traditional location as they are now. Carts should be placed out by 6:00 am on your regular scheduled day. We will work with customers as needed who may have questions as we move forward. After your new carts are delivered, Bay View can haul away your old can/s to be recycled, and the plastic can be used in the production of new carts.

Use your new green cart for all organic waste, including food waste. As of January 2022, SB 1383 makes it mandatory to do so. As a reminder, organic waste refers to food waste (including vegetable and fruit scraps, eggshells, meat, dairy, bones and rotting food), food soiled paper, (including soiled pizza boxes, coffee filters, and paper napkins) and yard trimmings.


No more calendar, it is a weekly collection on your regular trash day. 

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